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12.00-18.00 UTC we would like to invite all HAM in Asia

Hello all HAM in Asia

We have just installed the Satellites Gateway to receive the radio signal
from LEO satellites MODE J such as SO-50 Saudi Sat 1C that has Downlink
436.795 MHz FM or  AO-51 Echo Satellite that has Downlink 435.300 MHz FM by
using receiver from Down Convertor UHF 435 MHz to VHF 144 MHz from Hamtronic
via antenna Cross Yaki UHF 8 Element  / VHF 4 Element , which has automatic
adjustment for Azmimut and Elevation.

We used 486 DX4 Speed 100 MHz computer running on DOS 6.22 via Insantrack
Version 1.55 programme.  It has an antenna control ISA from KCT to control
Antenna Rotor 2 Position from Yease G5400B to work immediately when LEO
Satellites MODE J travel into Thailand area.

Therefore, after 12.00 - 18.00 UTC or 19.00 - 01.00 TST  we would like to
invite all HAM in Asia, especially Russia, China, Japan, India, Malaysia,
Singapore,  Indonesia and other to test the contact through LEO HAM

Note : Post and Telegraph Department "PTD", now has been changed to  The
National Telecommunication Commission "NTC", which is a government sector
under Ministry of Information and Communication Technology "ICT" has
announced the regulations for HAM to use the frequency for transmit and
receive (TX-RX) at VHF 144-146 MHz and for receive only (RX Only) at UHF
435-438 MHz


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