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S-band and rotator-only operations

I've greatly enjoyed  the S-band related discussions  that the last week's
operations on AO-51 have generated. Until these reports, I had believed
that S-band   would require a high gain and narrow beam antenna system, and
thus an az-el pointing  system, which would be outside by budget in the
near future. It seem now that a system around 10 dBi would work, and this
is similar to the pattern of a 70cm antenna in a rotation-only system. Is
anyone using S-band in this way?

Secondly,  I wonder if there is some group wisdom on the cheapest working
options for a automatic rotor control. I don't have a rotator or a
controller and would be buying just for LEO purposes. For instance, Bob's
archerotator hack is a wonderful application, but it seems only his
APRS-related software supports it. 

73, VE9QRP
Bruce Robertson
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