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AO-51 V/S success

Hi -

   This is KB9OOH; well, I had my first contact(s) on V/S on AO-51
today!  Not only were they my first V/S contacts, but they were my
first ever satellite contacts!

   Unfortunately, because of my "setup" (i.e. no hands free!), I
wasn't able to write down the call-signs of those I attempted to
contact...  Hopefully I'll hear from them here on this mailing list.

   Anyway, I was using my new G3RUH 60cm dish and keps dual band
selectable downconverter (I had it on UHF mode).  I also built a box
to put 12vdc on the coaxial cable that Mark Hammond helped me with
(along with the thousand other questions of mine he answered).  On the
receive side I was using my kenwood d7g and on the transmit side my
venerable htx-202.

   A friend of mine was manning the laptop running PREDICT that boots
from two floppies and was also adjusting for doppler on the receive. 
We both had headphones on so we could both here the downlink.  I had
some "tripod trouble" and ended up holding the dish and VHF antennae
by hand and had my htx-202 in the cargo pocket of my pants with a
little mic/speaker combo clipped to my shirt.

   I almost dropped everything when I heard someone responding!

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