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FW: Elevation rotor question

Hello all.

I purchased an elevation rotor for my SAT antennas system, the unit is a
Kenpro KR-500 and I have a question.

I was under the impression that an elevation rotor for satellite/EME work
should have a 90 degrees elevation movement, with 0 degrees over the horizon
(horizontal position) and 90 degrees at the zenith, but this unit is some
what different, it has 0 degrees at the center of the meter's scale with 90
degrees at each side of the scale, also it reads DOWN at the left and UP at
the right of the scale, and has a 180 degrees movement.

Is there any special reason why in this unit horizontal (0 degrees) is at
the center of the scale?

If I'm tracking a bird I will star at the horizon and will go up until
maximum elevation to them start going down until it is gone, so that will
give me, in the best case of a bird passing over my zenith, a 90 degrees
elevation, so 

Why 180 degrees movement (horizon/zenith/horizon)?

I imaging that many of you are using the same rotor or a similar one.

Have a nice day and thanks for any answer.

73/DX Jose M. Valdes R. (Joe) YV5LIX
eQSL.cc Advisory Board Member
QSL manager EA7FTR
VHF Packed: 145.430 YV5LIX
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