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AO-51 VS success

Tonite my 1st VS QSO, thanks to Angelo N5UXT.
ul: FT-100 and HO-loop at 10'
dl: 16T helix, DEMI d/c, VX-5R.  It worked a lot better when I took a 
closer look at the spec an and figured my d/c offset was only 32kHz rather 
than 225kHz hi.

I think my helix is not so good, sigs not nearly as strong as they should 
have been.  Good copy though...more than likely the 16T is too 
directional.  I know it's too lossy; I wound it with 1/4" tinned braid (!)

It's really hard to steer an antenna by hand and tune at the same 
time...thanks for your patience Angelo!

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di
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