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V/S mode AO-51 success

Hello All:


I just had to toot my horn a little !  I've been playing with the AO-51 bird
while it was in V/S mode in between the HS graduation festivities of my
oldest son and I finally got some success. I set up my 5 turn helix with a
DEMI D/C to an old TH-77A and had my other HT, a TH-D7 (with a collapsible
vertical antenna) set on the transmit frequency with the volume turned way
down.  I didn't know what to expect as I set everything up on a small table
near the front steps and waited while watching the beautiful full moon. Lo
and behold at about 03:00 Z the bird became quite audible and, this time,
readable.  As it cleared about 15 degrees, I gave a shout out and announced
I was "HT". By this time I was trying to adjust Doppler and pointing and I
caught it just right as N5UXT came back to me from TX and said my signal was
quite good (5 watts !). I gave my exchange and then Murphy started to show
up - the receive HT battery started to go dead !!! Arrggh !


Anyway I quickly ran indoors to write down the call and time - I had no
expectations of making a contact - I was just out listening and watching the
moon !!  Great surprise !


Thanks N5UXT for the QSO ! I look forward to trying this again on FD.


73, Jamie

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