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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2004 #705

From: Jim Jerzycke
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] KLM 14C

> KLM went out of business a while back. M2 has some things available, and
they might
> have the info you need. My only gripe with M2 is that when you call them
and ask for something,
> even if you offer to pay, they never seem to get you the info you want.
And I've
> never gotten a reply to any emails I've sent them.
> YMMV, so good luck!
> 73, Jim  KQ6EA
- --- "Ronald A. Stunden" wrote:
> Is KlM still alive?? can't seem to find them on the
> Internet. I am in
> need of  either the matching harness or the
> dimensions for it. I have an
> antenna with the baluns that looks new but no
> harness. I would think its
> 1\4 wave?? However that doesn't seem to work.. Any
> Ideas.  Thanks Ron

Hi Ron,

I have a KLM 2M-14c 18c for 432. My results with M2 a few years ago was
FANTASTIC! I bought my antennas at a hamfest in rough shape, and I needed a
new folded dipole and a few delryn insulators for my 14c.

I contacted M2, and they suggested I send my old parts if possible.  Our
communication was all via email, and
I found them to be very responsive. The new insulators were $8 each and the
dipole was $25. Someone with experience bending aluminum tubing could
probably make a new dipole themselves cheaper.

I was really pleased with my experience. The replacement parts were of equal
or better quality than the originals.

Someday I'll need new insulators for my 18c, and I'll depend on M2 for sure.

BTW, I have the manuals for the 14c and 18c in case you can't find them in
PDF or other electronic format.


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat# 35249
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