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RE: Congratulation for your contact ham in Thailand via SO-50 successfully

Hello to everyone in TAMSAT,

Thank you very much too for the contacts with HS8GLR and E20MNJ via SO-50
recently.  Tonight, I heard another HS station on SO-50 but the elevation
was too low and therefore I could not work him.  Anyway, I will try to be on
most of the SO-50 pass as much as possible and hope to work more HS and E20
stations on SO-50 and AO-51.

It is very good and very encouraging to see Thailand having many training
and effort to work the satellites.  I would like to wish all of you the best
of luck, and I believe this will benefit and help people to work the
satellite more easily without having to start from scratch.  SO-50 is very
unpopular in this region, and I must say that HS8GLR and E20MNJ were the
first two stations that I worked via SO-50.  Thank you very much once again.

I also heard a few HS stations calling on AO-51 mode V/S (2M uplink, 2.4 GHz
downlink).  I gave a few calls but did not get any response from them.  Did
you hear my call on AO-51 mode V/S?  About AO-27, I believe that AO-27 is
off for most of the pass that covers my QTH therefore I don't think I can
work them.  However, it may be active when it passes over Thailand, so all
the best to catch other stations.  Thank you again and all the best to all
of you in Thailand and TAMSAT.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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Subject: Congratulation for your contact ham in Thailand via SO-50

Hello 9W2QC

Congratulation!! for your contact HS8GLR and E20MNJ via SO-50 successfully.
HAM in Thailand waiting contact to you but not have good antenna for send
radio signal to satellites. We have training produced of antenna using 
frequency for send radio signal to SO-50, AO-51, AO-27 LEO Satellites.

Therefore, we would like to invite you and ALL HAM in ASIA wait on SO-50,
AO-51, AO-27 or LEO using MODE J (Uplink VHF / Downlink UHF) Satellites.

Thank you 73 / Regards,

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