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[Fwd: Re: heard AO-51 on mode V/S twice this morning]


I took the liberty of forwarding this email to AMSAT-DC since it is 

David W2LNX
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I made two contacts on AO-51 Mode V/S today from the Hamvention parking lot
using Drew's corner reflector for S-band and an HT with a long whip for the
uplink.  Amazing!


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Subject: heard AO-51 on mode V/S twice this morning


I gotta hear it to believe it!  I heard AO-51 on mode V/S this morning 
using my G3RUH patch antenna, the Khune down-converter and my TH-D7A 
HT.  The observed doppler is from about +50KHz to about -50KHz as 

Two hours later, I tried it again but this time with the G3RUH dish.  I 
held the dish with one hand and the HT in the other hand... it's a 
little tiring but not bad for fifteen minutes.  As I expected, it wasn't 
hard to find AO-51 since it has a beamwidth of about 30 degrees.  The 
audio was much better.  Tell Tom thanks for his advice yesterday.

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