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AO-51 solid copy with portable setup :-)

Hi !

after so many reports I would also like to contribute mine.
I was really astonished about the very strong signals I
received on the S-Band downlink. Full quiting at least 59 !!!

My setup was very simple and "hand held": Using the 5-Turn
Helix removed from my old homebrew AO40 dish as antenna with
the Kuhne DB6NT 23cm/2m Downconverter directly attached to
the antenna (no coax) and then through a short length of coax 
(2ft) into my handheld FT-50R radio. I tracked the antenna towards 
AO51 with my left hand, while tuning doppler in 5kHz steps with
my right hand thumb. Tracking the sat and the doppler by hand 
was really very easy. The antenna only needed a very rough
direction adjustment, since a 5 trun helix is not very sharp.
Signals tremendously strong here in a 60 deg. elevation pass.

Heard here in Europe several stations from Italy, France,
Denmark, UK, etc.

That was real fun !!!

73, Oscar dj0my
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