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unbelievable signal mode S AO-51

Will, it keeps impressing. I heard KB2M using his rubber duck pretty good 
at times. W2XB solid copy forsure. N1JEP thanks for the call. Now here is 
the good stuff. I was listening on a WIFI patch antenna made by Cushcraft. 
I mounted it on the end of a 3/4 wood rod and pointed it at the sat. No 
reflextor at all. I used tie wraps to clamp the Bob Myers downconveter to 
the side of the of the rod. The receiver was my Kenwood THD7A/E HT. It was 
very easy to track the dopplor. Whenever the signal meter started dropping 
back I went down 10 kc and it came back to full scale again.  I am going to 
put the patch antenna on the roof of the Exterra  for the next pass and see 
what it does. This one will only be 9 degrees max for me so I will be able 
to see what this thing does off the side. Boy this is fun stuff ! 73's << John
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