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AO-51 V/S tonight

Tonight I rushed home after a meeting to try and catch AO-51 during that 75
degree pass tonight. I had a Transystem 3731AA D/C with original output of
123MHz. Thank goodness I had an old TH-77A that I had opened up the receive
many years ago. I mounted things on a helix feed taken off my Primestar dish
from back in the AO-40 days. Its a 5  turn helix mounted on about 3
square aluminum.  I had the whole thing set up on the back of my truck and I
was going to try and uplink with my mobile rig.  I never got that far.

Despite the great pass, signals were faint and in the noise.  It never fully
quieted  not even close. I was tracking the Doppler effect, I thought,
pretty well, but I never had enough receive to even think about
transmitting. Im working on a portable setup for a potential FD contact.
Ill try again tomorrow. Any advice / help would be appreciated.

73, Jamie

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