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AO-51 mode V/S over Canada

AO-51 experiences if we calked it a she lets say dame Edna's 

With the first "hot" days coming and a lighter work schedule i was 
able to recommissioned my former A0-40 setup 7.5' dish with a triband 
patch feed and i succeed to make my Alfa Spid rotor azimuthal 
tracking system working.

On the two morning pass AO-51 S band reception was if a compare it to 
AO-40 quite impressive. Signal peak at S9+60!!! on the FT-847 meter i 
could not believe it even right now.

In the recommissionning process i suffer some casualties. The RG-59 
connector tip just lightly touch from a very brief moment the B+ pole 
of a DC 60amps powers supply resulting in the loss of the AIDC 3731AA 
inserter power supply. I have to take the DC from the 847 and it 
seems to work not too bad...

Recommendation isolate your power supply terminals... to avoid 
fireworks in your shack!

Point of concerns:

1-There seems to have a continuous carrier on the uplink as the S 
band signal never stops. Is it the transponder noise? Or the one 
channel crowd calling at the same time?

2-When reading some BB comments about the doppler shift at 2.4 Gig it 
seems to be disastrous. On the two morning pass i found that i have 
to adjust the downlink much more less than on the 435mhz? I probably 
do something wrong but i found it was easier to adjust the 847 to 
compensate doppler than on UHF! (On the uplink i was stuck on 145.92 
next increment available is 145.94 due the below mentioned rig 

The only one explanation i found it is easier to doppler adjust due 
to the presence of a continuous signal?

3 Large QSB noted from S6 to S9+60 and i was using on the uplink an 
old Kenwood TR9000G at low power. Any power change seems to not make 
any differences but it was hard to evaluate with the continuous 

4) Many stations seems to have the wrong downlink still some on 
probably on 435!

To concluded if this carrier cannot be stopped i doubt it will be 
possible to use QRP power level some signal even capture mine!!!

Doppler tracking with Orbitron.

Did any one succeed in making orbitron tracking an Yaesu FT-847?

I will give it another try tonite.


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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