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Re: [Nova-Net] Nova Error Message

If you use the Unitrac interface you can not also run Nova and select an 
interface within Nova. If you wish to use Nova you must select Unitrac 
within Nova as the rotor interface and then you can not use the Unitrac 

At 12:38 PM 5/19/2005, you wrote:
>I should note that this only happens if I'm using the Uni-Trac 2003 
>interface.  When I turn-off the rotor interface in the Nova set-up menu, I 
>don't get the error message.  The interface does seem to function 
>correctly when enabled, and the only indication of a problem is the error 
>message when I turn-off Nova.  I do get the same results when I try it on 
>a different computer and whether or not the Uni-Trac software is actually 
>running, so I suspect a bug in Nova.
>The system is XP Home with SP2 and the latest updates running on a 2.8GHz 
>P4 with 512 MB of memory.
>73  Tom  n0ntx
>Every time I shut off Nova (2.2b, build 31) I get the error message: "Thread
>Error: The handle is invalid (6)."  I have to click on it several times
>before Nova will finish shutting down.  Anyone have an idea why this is
>73  Tom  n0ntx
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