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AO-51 Mode V/S over West Malaysia

Hello Group,

AO-51 just passed over West Malaysia at 2335 MST or 1535 UTC with a maximum
elevation of 28 degrees.

QRM was very bad from illegal 2M usage, but still managed to copy a few HS
stations when the bird was around 10 degrees at my QTH.  However, could not
manage to make any contacts with them.

Signals were great with the maximum strength about S6.  Equipment used was
FT-847 for uplink, IC-R7000 for downlink, 10 turn helix and UEK-3000 2M IF
downconverter.  Uplink antenna was a 10-element yagi, vertically polarized.

However, whenever I transmit on the 2M uplink, the signal from the
downconverter seems to be densed.  Does anyone have the same problem as I
do, and are there any solutions for this problem?

Many thanks and best 73,
Sion Chow Q. C.,
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