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Re: PSK 31 Trial

Quoting Robert Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu>:

> I dont think you understand.  Why do 4000
> people have to go check a WEB page when
> the reason for having an AMSDAT-BB is for
> announcements of special satellilte operations?
> I dont PLAN my pass activities a month in
> advance, with my work schedule, I have
> tiny windows of opportunities, a few minutes
> here and a few minutes there.  If I see an
> announcement the day before a test, then
> I can spend about 1 second deciding if I
> can do it or not.
> What is the AMSAT-BB for if not to alert
> the 4000 suscribers of Special Satellite
> tests?  Or is it only for BS?
> Just a perspective from people who cannot
> have time to be checking a dozen different
> satellite web pages all the time...

Interestingly, I get them mailed. Maybe its because I am subscribed to the ANS
mailing list... ;) No need to check a dozen different satellite web pages.

73, Luc

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