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Re: Cross boom-insulated or not?

Jim Wright wrote:
> I am looking at mounting two M2 antennas on the same cross boom.  
> Question is should they be on an insulated cross boom to preserve 
> pattern or will they work correctly on a metallic cross boom?  M2 tech 
> support is already on the way to Dayton.
> I like the idea of having everything at DC ground potential, but don't 
> want a deaf antenna system.

The purests will tell you that you MUST use a non-conductive crossboom 
for any CP antenna, however, I can tell you that I did not notice any 
difference when I went to a solid crossboom a number of years ago.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  818-548-4804
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395
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