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RE: PSK 31 Trial

>[the PSK-31 test]... was listed in Weekly Satellite 
>Report #135, posted 5/16/2005 by W8ISS...

Responses so far are:
1) Go read the web page and do your monthly planning
2) Go read the weekly ANS bulletin that is 274 lines long

Instead, why not a one-line post on AMSAT-BB like:
3) "Hi all, join me on PSK-31 test tomorrow on AO-51"

I'm just offering a users rationale for why I think
we DO see lots of posts like " I was on and no one
else was there"...  I think my sugestion for #3
would be more effective than #1 and #2.   Bob

-----Original Message-----
>> Aw shucks.  Missed another one...
>> I wish there had been an announcement here
>> on the BB that there was to be a PSK31 test
>you can get the ao51 schedule at 
>might help you to plan your month. 

I don't think you understand.  Why do 4000
people have to go check a WEB page when
the reason for having an AMSDAT-BB is for
announcements of special satellite operations?

I don't plan my pass activities a month in
advance, with my work schedule, I have
tiny windows of opportunities, a few minutes
here and a few minutes there.  If I see an
announcement the day before a test, then
I can spend about 1 second deciding if I 
can do it or not.  

What is the AMSAT-BB for if not to alert
the 4000 subscribers of Special Satellite
tests?  Or is it only for BS?

Just a perspective from people who cannot
have time to be checking a dozen different
satellite web pages all the time...

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