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Re: Hamsat beacon power?


 >Does anyone please know the output power of the Hamsat VO-52 carrier
 >beacon on 145.936? It was always weak but I haven't heard it on passes
 >since Friday. I know the transponder is powerful at 1W but think the
 >beacon may be less than 20 mW, and possibly decreasing....  any info
 >to -bb or callsignATamsst-bb

Hi Andy,

I have also noted the apparently varying level of the beacon and I
think that it is within the same ALC loop as the transponder, so if
there is (and jolly well is) any overloading of the uplink, the power
of the beacon will go down as well as the power levels of any other
traffic using more sensible uplink powers. There unfortunately are
quite a few stations that are hogging the transponder with way too
much uplink EIRP - are these guys hard of hearing or what ???

 >many thanks
 >es 73

 >andy G0SFJ

Michael, OH2AUE

P.S. been listening to HAMSAT successfully in my car whilst
driving; copying SSB and CW is very easy when the satellite
elevation is reasonable - using a 1/4 wave magmount whip and
tuned 3SK121 homebrew preamp in front of my FRG-9600 scanner...
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