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PSK 31 Trial


I made several calls on the PSK 31 mode tonight.  I was running full duplex 
with two computers.  I was using the program TrueTTY.  Saw one other signal, 
but could not identify source.  I was able to get my call though just in 
pieces and grid locator using full duiplex.  I tried to manually adjust the 
dopler on the up link, but could not be persice enough.  I was also running 
AFC on the downlink, but that did not help a lot either.

I wonder if it would be worth a try using RTTY 45 baud.  This should have 
less of a need for fine dopler correction.   I did run CW through the bird. 
It is a narrow band digital mode by definition and could make out the down 
link OK with that.

Anyway, it was fun to try.  Maybe someone can try the RTTY mode and make a 
report if that is an acceptable narrow band mode???  I will not be able to 
try again this time as I will be at work tomorrow.  We should be able to get 
a couple of sigs through the bird at the same time.  Not as many as would be 
permissible with PSK, but maybe useful data could be exchanged.  It may also 
gove a chance to learn the dopler correction method better.

Thanks for a try on an interesting mode.  Hope others had better success.

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