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AO-27 Analog mode heard briefly

Satellite people,

On the 2200z pass the FM voice repeater was heard briefly in En75. The 
repeater was active from 2212 till 2214:30 then shut down with no 
carrier. At 2219 the digital Tx activated with strong telemetry.

 From the AO-27 control team site:

"May 15th, 2005 UTC
On-orbit check out continues but I have put the schedule into Analogue 
mode for some of the pass. We have lost software and schedule Telemetry 
downloads and we are looking into the cause. We have a new watchdog 
looking at the batteries. If the satellite turns off early, the 
batteries might be low. The last version of the software would just stop 
the schedule, this one will let it continue unless the batteries get too 

Let's hope the old bird is OK..

bst 73 de kc8zfn
John Meeks
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