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RE: Deja Vu, Mode B (VU-SAT)

It's a superb satellite and well worth the wait. OSCARs 6 and 7 introduced a 
lot of Hams to satellite and I'm sure VUSAT will do the same. Once articles 
on the satellite get published in QST etc I'm sure we'll see an upsurge of 
hams joining the AMSAT organisations world-wide.

It's as high an orbit as 0scars 6 and 7 (600 km as against 1400 km) so it's 
got shorter pass times and range, but I'm not complaining, we've been 
waiting many years for an LEO Mode A or Mode B Sat and VUSAT is just great.

I wonder, can the Transponder design for VUSAT be made available to the many 
University Cube Sat projects that are taking place around the world? I'd 
sure prefer to see them running Linear Transponders rather than the single 
channel FM repeaters which are next to useless for real Amateur QSO's.

73 Trevor M5AKA
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>From: "hasan schiers" <schiers@netins.net>
>To: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Deja Vu,  Mode B (VU-SAT)
>Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 07:15:47 -0500
>HAMSAT/VO-52 sure isn't taking much for very good downlink signals, and the
>transponder downlink audio quality is amazing! (I know a lot of people are
>using a lot less than I am listing below. My point is a lot of us have 
>equivalent to my list below just laying around....dust it off, guys!)
>Uplink: 10w > Diplexor > 80' LMR-400 > Diplexor > 8 el vert polarized quad
>Downlink: Gasfet Preamp > Diplexor > 80' LMR-400 > Diplexor > 4 el vert pol
>The quad is a dual band concentrically nested quad, rear mounted.
>The preamp is the gasfet preamp built into my TE-Systems 2m brick amp in 
>shack...surprisingly it does help even at the end of the 80' run of LMR-400
>On my FT-847 with internal preamp on and gasfet on, the noise level is 
>1/2 S-Unit. HAMSAT is S7 most of the pass. Very easy copy.
>Why do I say this is "easy"?
>Very small beams/quads, existing preamps are common in 2m brick amps, and
>HAMSAT has a heck of a signal.
>A lot of sat users have this kind of stuff laying around from prior sat 
>I see very little polarization fading on HAMSAT, even with linearly
>polarized antennas. What there is doesn't present much of a problem. I
>haven't even bothered using my CP-30 uplink antenna yet (14.2 dB RHC), as
>the linear antenna is doing so well.
>I'm betting egg-beater up and down with antenna mounted preamp and a little
>more tx power would be a breeze with this bird.
>I forgot how much "fun" it was to do manual rotor az/el and doppler at the
>same time one is trying to have a conversation.
>Since I put the data in SatPC32 and let it control the FT-847, Hamsat is a
>piece of cake. Now it's just approximate the rotors....and away we go.
>Not to restart a pointless debate, but even though I have made many 
>via FM birds, it never really felt like "satellite operation". This kind of
>bird is what got me into amsats in the first place (the original AO-6 and
>AO-7 before rebirth). I now "feel" like I'm doing "satellite" stuff
>again...purely subjective, but real to me.
>As Yogi said, "It's deja vu all over again."
>hasan schiers, N0AN
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