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Re: Automatic Doppler Compensation

Yes, I expect inherent "variables" which exist-- the accuracy of keps,
computer clock timing, tuning increment selected, and periodicity of
program update, all have a small effect.  I too find that I have to make
manual touchups, but the main advantage that I appreciate--is basically
having one side (the Recieve downlink) automatically controlled.

Obviously, computer Doppler control is NOT perfect, but it sure beats
the heck out of trying to do it ALL manually!

I am still learning too, and I hope others who have far more experience
with automated Doppler control will continue sharing helpful information
on the Amsat-bb reflector.

Thanks and 73,
Charlie, N5TD

> Joe, IW7ECJ wrote:
> Me too would like to learn from your experience...
> Tried to Compensate RX and TX Doppler automatically on my TS-2000 via Ham
> Radio Deluxe, but either I don't listen myself on the downlink, or I hear
> myself very high-pitched...
> I've made some tests at the center of the passband, but I think it would 
> be
> the same everywhere :-(
> I reverted to manual TX compensation, as suggested by many, to be able to
> hear my signal on the DL...
> What's wrong?
> Thanks for any hint!
> Joe, IW7ECJ>
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