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Re: Instant Track

Orin Durey wrote:
>I run InstantTrack on an old P-1... in the classroom 24/7.
>...it purrs along day after day as a kind of screen saver.

Since mine are behind glass in my window,  I dug
into an old Keyboard and brought out 4 pairs of wires
to four big push Buttons.  Paralled them across the
keys.  THen labeled the buttons FAST, PREV-SAT,
NEXT-SAT, STOP.  These are in the hallway for
ANYONE to push.  Been doing this for 12+ years.
(caution, my antique doorbell buttons are not as clean as
( a modern snap action button and so I get a lot of
(key bounce.  So use something  with clean contacts)

I actually have 2 side by side.  One with the flat
earth projection and the other with the Spherical projection
one showing ISS and the other for the user with the 4 buttons.
Be sure to set "Scroll" on the flat one so you dont burn in the
non-moving map into the throw-away old 386 monitors.

>The kids are always tinkering around with it but it's bulletproof.  I
>remove the mouse so it takes them a few sessions before they master the
>keyboard commands and they can't do anything else with the computer.
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