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I have had more fun on VO-52 over the last few days, now with an AZ/EL 
mounted 4ele/145 and 11ele/435. Excellent signals, even at the horizon. 
I am using an FT817 on Tx and a IC706+preamp on Rx. So far everything 
has been controlled manually. Watching me in the shack, you'd think I 
was doing an octopus impression!
It will be a while before I can automate the antenna tracking, but if I 
can get the radios under control to handle the tuning that would make 
life so much easier.
So far I have been using an old copy of IT for the predictions, but I am 
leaning towards purchasing a copy of Satpc32, which seems to do 
everything I would need.
Except for one thing. I can't find a way to control two different types 
of radios. No problem with the 847/910/2000 etc beasts, or common CI-V 
units like a IC275/475, but how do I handle an Icom on one port and a 
Yeasu on the other? Perhaps it is in the manual, but I can't find it.
I am aware of the difference between the Icom(common R/T)/Yeasu(split) 
physical interface, and could easily handle the hardware, but how can I 
use the software to drive both at the same time?
Back in the old Oscar 6/7/8 days we didn't have computers available but 
still managed to make lots of contacts. Perhaps I'm getting lazy nowadays!

73,  Alf  NU8I
Scottsdale AZ DM43an
( G4ABB/ON8KL/VK6GA/PZ5AG etc,  160-10Gigs )
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