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AO-51 software reset & upload.

Nice to hear you on AO-51, but other than the news on the Echo site, the only problem I have noted to date has been the software reset and upload as stated by the command team.

I too was looking forward to the high power mode, but it appears that will have to wait til the 26th at the earliest :-(

I have no idea as to if or when this 'high power' mode will be repeated, but I hope it will be after the glitch has been reworked and the bird is again chirping to us all.

As for my personal mailing address, I have not sent a C.O.A as of yet to the FCC, but seeing that I am moving out west by the end of this month, it makes no sense, but my current address has been updated a while back below my registered address on QRZ.

All QSLs sent to this address will arrive as I have had several already make it safe and sound, and all cards sent to me, WILL have cards sent to those individuals as well. I QSL 100%, no exceptions.

Thank you to all I have worked via AO-51 so far, it has been too much fun for one person to have!

I have been doing all I can to get fellow hams in my area excited about working these LEOs, but it appears to be a tough sell for some reason, even though I offer to run a demo to show just how simple it really is, I have only had my girlfriend get excited over it and is working on passing her exam by the end of this month...she really is excited about working AO-51 and SO-50, she can't wait to 'just do it'.

</soapbox off>

Ernest A. Erickson, ka9uce, EN55
3960 Moen Lake Road
Rhinelander, WI. 54501

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