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Re: Operatiing Procedure on HamSat

George Henry wrote:

Sorry, but I'll stand by what I said a couple of weeks ago on this subject:

47CFR97.101(d) trumps http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/one_true_rule.html
(for U.S. hams, anyway...)

If you're following "The One True Rule" and your QSO drifts into mine, 
guess which rule the FCC considers to be TRUE..........

Wayne replies:

You seem to be assuming that everybody has the same Doppler shift as 
you.  That's not the case.  The  satellite can be rapidly moving toward 
or away from you (rapidly changing Doppler) but moving tangentially to 
somebody else (slowly changing Doppler).  If you are in a QSO with that 
station, you will have trouble staying together when tuning manually. 
If you are in separate QSOs, you may collide due to the difference in 
Doppler shift.  When you collide, neither of you can claim to have the 
"correct" Doppler shift.

The only "correct" Doppler shift is the Doppler seen by the satellite. 
The "one true rule" tunes your uplink and downlink to keep your signal 
at a constant frequency on the satellite's transponder.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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