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Re: Instant Track

At 4:00 PM -0600 5/12/05, Ronald A. Stunden wrote:
>I am trying to get IT to run, It does and it doesn't I get a part 
>screen but says unable to load the map? seems to me there was a 
>patch to over come this. any one have it??? Ron

There are two ways that message can come up: either the map file 
doesn't exist, or InstantTrack can't find it.

The first step is to check whether the map files are still there. 
They should be in the InstantTrack directory (which is C:\IT by 
default) and they're named IT.MPX, IT.MPY, IT.MPZ, and IT.MPW. If you 
look with Windows and have the default settings, the extensions will 
be hidden so they will all look like just "IT". You can bypass this 
by opening a Command Prompt window and using the DIR command. If 
those files are missing you should re-install InstantTrack from the 
disk or zip file.

If the files exist, then InstantTrack must be having trouble finding 
them. InstantTrack looks in its own directory, and can also look 
where the INSTANTTRACK environment variable points. If you have moved 
the InstantTrack executable file (IT.EXE) out of the installation 
directory, perhaps onto the desktop, then it won't be able to find 
its files anymore. If that's the case, you can get the result you 
want by putting IT.EXE back into C:\IT and creating a shortcut to put 
on the desktop.

If both of these things check out normal, please let me know (off 
list) and give me as many details as you can about your installation 
and exactly what procedure you use to start InstantTrack, and we can 
go deeper.

73  -Paul
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