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Hi Gang
I have been sitting on 'my hands' here reading the bb  with ref to the  
'correct' way to work Hamsat and FO29...... where is the problem?
Terry G1WPR and I have been working the LEO's for many years now and 
always manage manage to start and finish a Qso on the same 
frequency,sometimes for the whole of the pass.We both leave the start 
Frequency(RX) fixed and adjust for doppler on the TX.That way whenever 
we finish the over we always find each other on the original 
frequency.The problem comes when the other station decides to adjust 
frequency on RX ,then it's a race to chase down the band to follow the 
other party
I have tried to use auto doppler .....thats fine if both stations are 
using the same set up,if not you finish chasing your tail again
As for suggesting that we ask Amsat India to set 
peramators!..........Let's not get into the 'control' mode that we have 
on '52'.......I accept that some people like to experiment and I have no 
problem with that but all it takes is a little bit of common sence when 

That's my twopen'oth
Malc G7NFO
O to be young again!
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