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AO-51 SSB and FM

Hello all,

This is my first post to the BB.  I just wanted to share my exp with
this Experimenter's Wednesday mode.

I decided to work this mode because it sounded very interesting and
different.  I am only portable as I do not have an fixed sat antennas
up.  So, I made a plan for this mode.

I set up a table outside with my Icom 706 for USB Uplink and my
Icom W32a for FM downlink.  Antennas, I decided to use my arrow

The first call sign I made out was "KO4MA" Drew.  I then started to
make a QSO with Drew.  I could hear myself on the downlink just fine
but I was not on frequency.  Now I knew my voice was not right but I
always find it difficult with SSB to figure out which way to tune in
the signal.

My now AO-51 was almost overhead.  I am in EL96, Fort Lauderdale.  I
tried another QSO with Drew and my voice sounded great on the downlink.
I do not remember what my Freq. was on the 706 but I know it was just a
bit below 145.880.  Then to my shock, Drew came back to me.  This
was just great.

I listened as the sat went North and the QRM picked up.  I could tell
that everyone else was having my same trouble.  Which way to turn the
dial.  I did hear some Morse code from people trying to tune up.

This was a great mode.  I will recommend that we try it again.  I did
notice that I had the 706 on power setting "L" the lowest setting and
I got in great.

Keep it up team and AO-51 is sounding great.

-Righter Kunkel
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