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Re: AO-51 SSB/FM report from Europe

>>> "OZ1MY" <oz1my@privat.dk> 5/11/2005 5:32:26 PM >>>
>This is about the worst I have ever heard on 
>any satellite :-(... IMHO this mode is no good. 
>When we work FM/FM at least we know that 
>there can be only one QSO at the time. Working 
>SSB up and FM down that is not the case.

True, but there is some advantage over FM, in
that two stations that actually ARE in QSO can
complete it more quickly be talking and interjecting
through the other persons transmissions.  If they
are operating full duplex (they should be) then
this makes the LINK sound just like a TELEPHONE
conversation with both able to talk at the same

I'd think that it would be about a 50% improvement
over FM because of this full-duplex-dual-simultaneous
ability to speak...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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