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RE: Operatiing Procedure on HamSat - Bandplan Idea


For VO-52, is there enough passband to attempt to set off a simple bandplan?

E.G. A bit at one end of the passband, set aside for the One True Rule,
where all stations are computer locked, and a number of fixed-frequency
"channels" are allocated.

And there a small clear space so that and the following don't clash too

And then the rest can be for more manual tuning, where signals are expected
to move around the passband a little.

Clearly this would only work if there is general agreement to try and make
it work.

The portion allocated to "fixed" and "moving" can be adjusted as required
over time to reflect what stations can operate in computer-locked mode.

What comments?

I think we should do it, and hence recommend it to AMSAT India to consider
this position.

Jim Towler, ZL1TYF
New Zealand

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> George,
> Accidentally, is not intentional, and most all of us try to 
> employ good
> engineering and operating practice. Part of good operating 
> practice is to
> employ the same Doppler tuning that others use on the 
> satellite, so that
> collisions do not occur.
> We certainly do not want to get into the definition of good operating
> practice as it has a different meaning to each one of us.
> If you don't want to be "outstanding" on a satellite, it is 
> best to listen
> and try to follow the practice of others on the satellite.
> Art, KC6UQH.
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