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RE: Doppler Control with 847 and Ham Radio Deluxe

Luc wrote:

>On OV-52 the higher frequency is the uplink and that's the one who
>should be tuned. Probably many of us just remember AO-40 ways and
>this can explain the confusion. We tend to repeat by automatism our
>past habits.

It should have be VO-52 (small point).  Generally I agree with Luc.  If you 
don't practice KB5MU's 1 True Rule (Full Doppler Correction) and do manual 
correction it is better to keep the smaller Doppler component (ie, the 
lower frequency) constant and compensate the larger Doppler 
component.  That way your QSO partner doesn't have to tune as far to find 
you.  But speaking as a convert to the 1 True Rule it's better to tune both 
with precision.

>My point 3 should have read:
>3- When i found my downlink i never touch my RX frequency i only
>adjust the TX side to compensate for doppler. And i start to call.

Absolutely - but tuning both according to the 1 True Rule is better.  If 
you can that is.



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