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Re: Operatiing Procedure on HamSat

Sorry, but I'll stand by what I said a couple of weeks ago on this subject:

47CFR97.101(d) trumps http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/one_true_rule.html
(for U.S. hams, anyway...)

If you're following "The One True Rule" and your QSO drifts into mine, guess 
which rule the FCC considers to be TRUE..........

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>> I believe that the following article describes it very well:
>> http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/one_true_rule.html
>> With radios like IC-910, FT-847 and TS-2000 and others, both
>> receiver and transmitter can be controlled via software which
>> appears to be the most desirable way for doppler correction.
> That's the ideal to aim for, and quite achievable these days.  Failing 
> that
> (i.e. you're forced to use manual control for some reason), the next best 
> is
> to tune the highest frequency in use.
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