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Re: Tracking Oscar 52 with Nova

I had no trouble yesterday in putting HAMSAT keps into Nova (and I'm not good at this stuff)!
There was a post on this list 2 or 3 days ago that referred to a site that has the keps--I don't have it anymore, but look in the BB archives on the Amsat site.  (Not the VU site, though, which had the wrong object number).  That site had a list of 2-line keps, not terribly long, including HAMSAT.  I just highlighted the HAMSAT keps (and a few others that for some reason were also highlighted) by clicking on the word HAMSAT and using Shift+down arrow.  Then use File and Save As to save it somewhere.

Next, open Nova and do a Setup/Satellites, followed by clicking on the Update button when the menu appears.  Enter the file name for the Hamsat keps you just saved, and that does it.

Hope this helps.

Tony, N2UN
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