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Re: Operatiing Procedure on HamSat

Dear friends,

This is a common misconception but it is incorrect.

The purpose of the tuning rules is not to help you make a QSO,
much like table manners are not intended to help you consume food.

The satellite is a shared resource and it is rude to drift into
and QRM someone elses QSO. The tuning rules are intended to prevent
or minimize the drift through the transponder passband that results
from incorrect tuning.

Stations that tune both the up and downlink to maintain the
frequency at the satellite will not drift into and QRM
someone elses QSO. If even one station in a QSO is using computer
control then, at least while that station is transmitting, both
stations in the QSO will not be drifting as the non-controlled
station must tune their receiver to be able to listen and will track
the correct frequency.

It is always better to use computer control if you can. Besides
preventing QRM due to drifting, it also reduces QRM due to trying
to find your own downlink (aka "ditters.")

If you cannot use computer control, it is always better to tune the
highest frequency link while transmitting in order to minimize the
drift through the passband. While receiving, you have no choice, you
have to tune your receiver to listen to the other station if you want
to hear them.

At this time, tuning rules may seem silly as there is hardly anyone
using FO-29 but this was not always the case. In the not too distant past,
the LEO satellite passbands were very crowded, especially on weekends.

Let us try to be considerate and do our best not to interfere with each
other. If you can, use computor control and help set a good example.

Thanks for bringing this up and 73,

Tony AA2TX


At 09:46 AM 5/11/2005 -0600, you wrote:

>The only problem with the "One True Rule" is it assumes all
>participates are running with computer control, and this works
>fine when everyone is.  This rule breaks down quickly when
>one or more of the participates is adjusting manually.
>I have seen this often on FO-29, and it's best to switch to manual
>at that point.
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