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Re: Doppler Control with 847 and Ham Radio Deluxe

On 11 May 2005 at 11:42, ka5sma@bellsouth.net wrote:

> Am using Ham Radio Deluxe.with 847 for Doppler shift control.the software
> changes.the up and downlink freq on 847 but never hear my downlink unless I
> adjust manually..>?? I put in the center of the passband.. 145.900 
> 435.250 for HamSat for example.anyone have any suggestions..??
HI Mike

Here is a procedure i follow here doppler correction systems OFF.

1-I pick up an uplink frequency near the end top band eg: 435.260 LSB
2-Assuming that i have a good RX signal from VO-52 i start to 
transmit and i tuned around the calculated corresponding  downlink 
frequency eg: 145.xxx until i hear my own signal.

3- When i found my downlink i never touch my TX frequency i only 
adjust the RX side to compensate for doppler. And i start to call.

To answer a call i do the same but i watch to not causing too much 
QRM if a QSO is in progress.

First try on VO-52 this morning was great i have to reduce my TX 
power to about 5 watts at a time and i was able to hear myself and i 
cannot detect any transponder noise floor? Audio quality was 
excellent but many are operating on the wrong side band combination 
even if VO-51 is working well on both side bands.

Next step i will try to install an automatic azimuthal tracking 
system. Elevation is less critical to adjust here.

It is not AO-40 but a good in between alternative. Way much better 
than a single channel. I count at a time about 8 stations working at 
the same time and AGC IS WORKING TOO. It will be interesting to know 
ERP maximum power and when the Dutch transponder will be activated. 
Good idea to have 2 transponders if one fails we can use the spare.

Congratulations again to AMSAT-VU and for William for a job well 
done. no fuss no bell and whistles just plain "simple" sats 

One thing to remember few hours after launch Pop VU2POP wrote "GO 
AHEAD USE the HAMSAT and give us your feedback, heard / worked 

As a bad habit i have to quote back from the past i will not copy 
paste comments here from the past where some questioned the circuit 
board construction quality... Reality confirm that knowledge can jump 
over boundaries...

Two thumb's up for India and the Netherlands.

Even worse than not being informed is to believe that you are

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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