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wkd AO-51 and VO-52

Hi All!

Today I was able to work AO-51 in Mode USB up FM down and VO-52 in just 5

The setup I used I think is interresting:

Uplink: FT-817 with Amp. to 100 W (both 2m and 70cm)
Bandfilter for the uplink band and a Diplexer
Just one cable and one antenne for up- and Downlink. 30m AIRCELL 7 and a
Discone Antenna.

Downlink: after the diplexer another bandfilter and a LNA.

For AO-51: cable loss abt. 2,5 dB Filter and Diplexer 1,5 dB. Assuming that
the Discone Antenna has a maximum gain of -1 dBD so the erp on 2m would have
been below 35 Watts.

For VO-52: cable loss abt. 4,5 dB, others like above the erp value was 20 W.

I had two nice qsos on the two birds, nice to work AO-51 in mode usb up!

73s de Andy
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