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Re: Impact on Satellite and terrestrial communications by Windfarms?

ChrisGW6KZZ@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> Thanks for the reply and the thoughts on the subject. The BBC / Ofcom  
> document can be downloaded at 
> _http://www.bbc.co.uk/reception/factsheets/pdfs/buildings_factsheet.pdf_ 

> I agree with you that I am going to experience multi-path signals from the  
> LEO's.

I read over the document, and I think it confirms my first impressions. 
    For satellite work, multipath will likely be a non-problem.  As the 
BBC document indicates, the biggest problem is when the reflected signal 
is similar or stronger in strength than the direct-path signal.  There 
will be few, if any, cases where a nearby wind turbine will have a 
significantly clearer path to the spacecraft than you do, so the 
reflections will be many dB below the direct path signal.

- Joe KM1P
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