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VO52 Observation

I monitored the 0254Z pass of VO52 over Missouri last night and was very
impressed with the copy on this bird.  It was the first chance I've had
to listen for it.

My equipment:
Horizontally polarized broken 11 element yagi (exhibits high SWR) with
no elevation
Disconnected rotor (pointed straight north)

I was able to copy VO52 from the moment Satscape said it was 0.1 degrees
above the horizon to my south-southeast, until it was 0.1 degrees above
the horizon to my north-northeast.  In spite of the poor performance of
my yagi (which was damaged in an ice storm last January), the copy was
Q5 the entire time with little, if any QSB.  I can't wait to work this
bird on a decent antenna system!!

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO
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