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Re: Cross-boom length

At 11:34 PM 5/10/2005 -0400, John Meeks wrote:
>Hi Group~
>I'm constructing my first rotor controlled sat array (been waving an 
>arrow at the sky up till now) and am putting together the cross-boom to 
>support 2 small CP Yagis on 2 meters and 70 cm. I've looked online and 
>in the ARRL antenna book for clues as to the proper spacing of the 
>antennas on the cross boom and come up empty.
>Is there a magic number in wavelengths or is it just wider is better. 
>I'd really appreciate a clue.
>BTW lots of good activity on ECHO's SSB Mode 2nite.. Heard KO4MA, N5UXT, 
>KE4AZN, KB2YCC, KA8HQL, VE4NSA and VE7WFG on the ~0235z pass. There were 
>others in there too but they sounded like ducks on my HT.
>Thanks and 73


I have used a 5-foot cross-boom with very long VHF and UHF x-yagis without
trouble.  If you add 1.2 and 2.4 GHz antennas it gets crowded, though.
Currently I have four bands mounted, but have smaller yagis on 2m (3-elem)
and 435 (11-elem), a 33-inch dish and a 12-foot long loop-yagi for
1268-1296 MHz.  That's a lot of antennas on a short cross-boom :-)

I am thinking that an 8-foot cross-boom would be better if I went back to
the 18-foot 435 x-yagi and 14-foot 145 x-yagi.

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