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Re: AO-51 Relay Mode

At 11:40 PM 5/10/2005 -0500, Gary  Bargholz wrote:
>Just worked AO-51 (well... tried to).
>The USB up FM down mode, is the wildest thing I
>have ever heard. Totally wild. Who dreams these
>modes up anyway ?!?!?
>Well I did get one Q for the log book to prove I
>could still figure doppler shift on the fly.
>(Thanks John K6YK, nice to hear your voice)
>So much for all the computer power and the trackbox!
>Very cool, I loved it! Thank you to those behind AO-51.
>Gary,  N9UUR

Yes, I was wondering how this would work out as the SSB signal needs to be
tuned to be copyable, but tuning the FM downlink would not have any effect
on SSB pitch.  The downlink is just tuned for best quieting.  

There is the rub, my FT-847 sub-tune control is not working, so I must swap
to main and tune it and swap back to see if it was enough...yuk!  I guess I
will have to send the radio into Yaesu to have the control fixed.  Now if I
get my Unitrac integrated maybe I will not have to be concerned that the
sub-tuning is broke?

Anyway I heard VE3WFG and KL7XJ nicely!  I am using a 3-elem 2m yagi
(Arrow) and 11-elem yagi on 435.  Great sounding signals!

Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
Amsat #3212
Modes: V - U - L - S
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