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Cross-boom length

Hi Group~
I'm constructing my first rotor controlled sat array (been waving an 
arrow at the sky up till now) and am putting together the cross-boom to 
support 2 small CP Yagis on 2 meters and 70 cm. I've looked online and 
in the ARRL antenna book for clues as to the proper spacing of the 
antennas on the cross boom and come up empty.

Is there a magic number in wavelengths or is it just wider is better. 
I'd really appreciate a clue.

BTW lots of good activity on ECHO's SSB Mode 2nite.. Heard KO4MA, N5UXT, 
KE4AZN, KB2YCC, KA8HQL, VE4NSA and VE7WFG on the ~0235z pass. There were 
others in there too but they sounded like ducks on my HT.

Thanks and 73
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