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RE: A question about Rain

Hi David,

	I live in an area that gets a lot of rain and Iíve observed that anything
more that a light drizzle will attenuate frequencies from 70cm up. Generally
the more rain, the greater attenuation, the higher the frequency the greater
attenuation and the lower the elevation of the satellite, the greater the
attenuation. Wet trees attenuate a lot more than dry trees.
	Iíve also observed some attenuation from snow fall but we donít get enough
here for me to form any conclusions about itís effect.

Steve .. AI7W
Lm #2270

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>Subject: [amsat-bb] A question about Rain
>Just for a change, it's raining here in the middle of
>Washington State (DN06ig).
>It's usually very dry at this time of year..... after all,
>we're supposed to be a desert !!
>So my question is this...
>Can anyone inform me as to the effects (if any) of Rain
>clouds on 2M/70cm satellite downlinks.
>Alternatively, point me to a URL where I can read about it.
>It seems to me that there should be significant attenuation
>of the signal... Am I correct ??
>Dave KK7SS
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