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Re: Which sat is it ??

Oops - missed the other questions...

>Did you just run the tracking program in simulation mode and
>set the time *AND* display all satellites ??

Yes, but I only display the amateur satellites.  CW is a giveaway that it 
was an amateur satellite.

>Or did you just happen to know which one it was !!

FO-29 was my first guess because of your report of CW activity and the 
frequency you gave.  I guess it's second nature now.

>I've just got a lot to learn yet !!

Although it may not seem easy now, it will be over time.  It's rocket 
science, but you don't need to know how to build a satellite in order to 
use it.  It's helpful if you know something about how it was built, but the 
user skills are easy to master if you spend the time to read the lit.

BTW - one remark on your crossed dipoles.  I like those antennas for many 
uses, but for most satellites its better to have gain antennas.  You can 
compensate somewhat by using a preamp at the antenna, but even a small Yagi 
will give you better performance.



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