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Re: Which sat is it ??

Hi Dave,

Determining which satellite a signal report corresponds to is generally a 
matter of comparing a location (in your case Western WA) to a 
frequency.  FO-29's linear passband is 435.800 to 435.900.  FO-29 was also 
in your line of site near the time you reported.




At 09:54 AM 5/10/2005 -0700, Dave G. wrote:
> > FO-29, but your timeline seems off because you were out of
> > the footprint by 17:07z.
>Thank you for the information.... my 'timeline' was probably
>off due to the excitement of actually copying something ---
>even if it was just above my local noise level :-(
> >  I don't know what you mean by "Heavy
> > Doppler"
>Well, for me (at the beginner stage) it "seemed" heavy :-))
>But, back to my original question, how did you determine it
>was FO29??
>Did you just run the tracking program in simulation mode and
>set the time *AND* display all satellites ??
>Or did you just happen to know which one it was !!
>I've just got a lot to learn yet !!
>Dave KK7SS

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