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Re: Impact on Satellite and terrestrial communications by Windfarms?

ChrisGW6KZZ@aol.com wrote:

> communications. BBC as  provided a small 18 page report on the impact of terrestrial 
> TV by windfarms but  

Is this report available on the Internet?  I would be curious to read it.

My first impression is that the wind farm would have minimal impact on 
ham operations.  Of course, the more devices of any kind that are 
located line of sight to your receiver antennas increases the potential 
for noise, but I would worry more about your neighbor's Wi-Fi/cordless 
phones etc that would be much closer to your antennas than the wind 
farm.  The structures themselves would probably pose no special problem. 
  The rotating blades could possibly cause some variable multipath 
distortion, but I understand that more and more of the blades are made 
of non-conducting  materials in an effort to minimize weight.  And I 
suspect TV to be much more susceptible to multipath problems than 
digital satellite signals.  I am imaging little wiggling "ghosts" in the 
image.  Since the path between your receive antennas and the spacecraft 
is constantly changing, I expect this to further mitigate the effects of 
reflections off of rotating blades.

-Joe KM1P
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