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RE: Fw: Field Day Satellite rules

Oh I work them at home using my terrestrial VHF/UHF
antennas/preamps without any problem. I just pick
passes that aren't too high, and get through them
quite well, with minimal antenna adjustment. I only
bring out the G-5500 and circular-pole Yagis on Field
Day. My son runs the rotors, and I correct the Doppler
manually, and we both have a ball. By 'turned off', I
meant that the people who see us operate get
intimidated by the tracking software on the computer,
and the two of us manually running everything. For
somebody used to HF, or seeing a hand-held and Arrow
Antenna as a satellite station, the sight of an
FT-847, with a PC running WinOrbit or Predict/GSat,
and a set of crossed Yagis on an az/el rotor, looks
pretty complicated. I didn't mean to imply they were
'hard' to work, just 'different' compared to what most
people think of as "Ham radio".

--- "Reicher, James" <JReicher@hrblock.com> wrote:
> It's not that hard to track a LEO linear bird.  I
> run AO7 and FO29
> without the automatic tracking all the time.  I turn
> the beams when the
> signal starts to drop off, usually 3 to 4 times per
> pass.  The first
> year I ran the Field Day satellite station at K0GQ,
> we tried to do just
> the FM birds but couldn't get through, so I made 2
> contacts from our
> VHF/UHF station on FO29 using a Ringo for the uplink
> and an un-elevated
> 5 element yagi for the downlink.  Please don't tell
> me these birds are
> hard to work.  Too many people try to make a
> mountain out of a mole
> hill.  Automation is nice, but not necessary.
> 73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO
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> Unfortunately, I think Field Day has lost a lot of
> its
> original meaning and purpose. For all intents, it's
> just another contest. Fun, yes, but just another
> contest. The satellite station I've been running for
> K6AA always draws a lot of interest, but when people
> want to hear an "Easy Sat", and I find an FM bird
> going over, they're usually horrified to hear it.
> And
> when they see what's involved in tracking a LEO
> linear
> bird, they get kind of turned off. FM birds are fine
> for demos at other times, but Field Day is a joke.
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