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Impact on Satellite and terrestrial communications by Windfarms?

Hi Everyone,

Would any one on this  reflector know of any studies around the world that 
have been done on the impact  of windfarms on satellite and terrestrial 

Just a short  reason why I am asking, the British Government have several 
projects which  private companies are being subsidised with government money to 
build renewable  energy devices. Because I live in Wales and there are plenty 
of mountains they  have decided to start planning of building some several 
hundred 400 feet high  wind powered turbines, about 70 around my location which is 
going to have a  large impact on my satellite and terrestrial communications.

I have  already communicated with the BBC, Ofcom and a few others like our 
own President  of AMSAT-UK because of their knowledge on the subject of 
communications. BBC as  provided a small 18 page report on the impact of terrestrial 
TV by windfarms but  stops short of TX transmissions or how the commercial 
companies are going to  have to deal with say land based mobile communications.

Because most LEO  satellites have an average orbit pass of less than 23 deg. 
This will pretty much  kill my location for digital satellite use so I would 
like all the ammunition I  can to present my arguments against them.

Of cause I will submit my  objections in on their planning applications but 
one person is hardly going to  stop 300 wind powered turbines being erected is  


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