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RE(amsat-bb)FD operation


I am also one of the AO-51 team and I strongly 
recommended mode S/V for FD.
If you look at the FD results in the Amsat 
Journal for the past three years and analyze
the QSO's reported on the FM birds it is less 
than 2 QSO's per pass. I suspect that most
of these were made on the East coast at AOS
and the West coast at LOS when the foot print
over land is small.  I have operated a satellite
station on many FD and thats when I managed
an FM QSO.

I don't think what bystanders will hear from
monitoring an FM bird on FD will impress them
very much. 

So I echo Drews comments that using S/V hopefully
will result in better use of the resource.

I expect however that there will still be a small number
of completed QSO's.  It takes very little ERP to get into AO-51 
on 2 meters and doppler is minimal.
The big problem is coping with the doppler on the S downlink.  
The way to a successful QSO will not be to endlessly call CQ FD
but to listen for a call and reply to them.

Good Luck

Clare VE3NPC
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